Horizon Chase Official Soundtrack Physical CD


Contains 15 tracks. 59 minutes of music.
Full Track Listing is as follows

01:-Title "Top Gear Re-Imagined" (extended)
02:-Menu "Horizon Chase Groove Edit" (extended)
03:- Race 1 "Going Off The Rails" (extended)
04:-Race 2 "Bleeding Fingers" (extended)
05:-Race 3 "Brazilian Street Race"
06:-Race 4 "Retro Race"
07:-Race 5 "The Finale"
08:-Race 6 "JenTay"
09:-Race 7 "Cracktro"
10:-Race 8 "Vyper"
11:-Race 9 "Balls To the Wall"
12:-Credits "Top Gear Covenant"
13:-Easter Egg "TG Reprise"
15:-Bonus - Lullaby For Cecilia (HC Title Reprise)

There was so much love put into this project, it was an absolute joy to write it, and it became very personal to me hearing repeatedly from people how fondly they remembered the old racing game soundtracks I worked on and how much a part of their childhood they had become. It was so heartwarming to hear those stories. So I felt a lot of pressure to deliver something that was as important to me as the originals had been to you..


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